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Being sued by Citibank – never been thru this before

Hello everyone, My name is Steven. I’m going to give as much relevant information as I can, in asking for input. QUICK BACKGROUND – In 2000 I was making about $120,000 a year, had money in the bank, etc. working as a consultant in the financial district. – My credit was excellent. – purchased a [Continue]

How does one get out of debt?

Hi all, For those of you who have freed yourselves from debt, what are your thoughts on the best methods and what methods have worked for you. Thank you for your thoughts. What I’ve noticed is that the way things are set up to get you into debt. For example I’ve switched my online server [Continue]

Re: Old debt – Need help

a) anything from a collection company has to come in writing with signatures…. (but you already know that). b) I think you are back to square zero with these guys. From what I see, you went from 3500 to like 1500 and are now back at $3K? Wait until you have $750 in hand and [Continue]

Old debt – Need help

Hi, I have a question. About 8 years ago I had fallen behind on a store credit card from a major retailer. I would get call at home asking me to make payments, which I did. My payments were slow, but I was trying to settle this debt. One Saturday a credit rep from this [Continue]