Re: Being sued by Citibank – never been thru this before

Steven, you are doing exactly the right things. Send your response to the suit – to the courts and to the filing attorney. Then, show up on your scheduled court date. Take your documents and all your proof of income, etc. Just explain your situation to the judge as you have here. They are usually very willing to work with you if you show them that you are serious about paying the debt. They may set up a deduction (garnishment) from your wages or they could defer your case for, I believe, six months. The important thing is just what you said you’re doing – don’t hold anything back. Be open and honest with them.

My hubby and I have been in your shoes and it’s a scary place to be. But, it will work itself out. Good luck!

I totally understand not wanting to do bankruptcy but sometimes you have to do things to get what you need. We did not want to but we went to our Pastor and asked what our Pastor thought since she hears from God alot better than we do at this point.

We were 70,000 in debt and are now in the middle of it. Not sure what will happen and by that I mean a 13 or 7.

Make sure you have a good attorney and claim this your year of JUBILEE!! Stress will hurt you, your body, sleep. etc. Trust me about that.

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