The envelope system

I am trying to find out more information on using the envelope system for budgeting. I would appreciate any information or suggestions you might have.

The envelope system is very easy to use and it’s saved us a good deal of money. Everyone is different but here’s how we do it.

We use literal envelopes though some people use separate bank accounts or software that separates money into categories. Into our envelopes, labeled “food”, “gas”, “laundry”, and “entertainment” we put a set amount of cash every time I get paid. We also have envelopes for DH’s business and money that comes into his business funds those. It’s kept in the envelope until there’s enough to cover the bill/expense then it gets deposited into the checking account and a check is written for that bill/expense.

I get paid every two weeks so when I get paid I put $100 for food, $25 for laundry, etc into the appropriate envelope. When the money in that envelope is gone, there’s no more spending in that category until the next pay period.

Watch this video with detailed explanation:

A lot of people move money around in their envelopes to cover a shortage here or an overage there but we don’t. We just use what’s there and no more.

Speaking of the envelope system, does anyone use

I do and like it once i learned how to use it.

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